The Friends of the Kalderimi

Various groups are active in enhancing the possibilities for walking on Pilion. The largest and most active are the ‘Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion’, an organisation of which we are members and with whom we work together. Their goal is to promote and preserve the natural beauty of South Pelion and make it accessible for both residents and visitors.


The Friends regularly and with great enthousiasm organise work parties to clear kalderimis, maintain them and signpost them with yellow signs. There are summer evening walks and Sunday walks that can be joined for free by anyone who wants to partake.

Further information

The Friends of the Kalderimi have a website: In their leaflet, which you can download here as pdf, is a map with routes. And you can see how to become a member.


A Sunday walk


Walking with students from Trikeri


Swiss scouts helping to clear paths


Lunch after a group walk


The first winter work party in 2012


Kalderimi between Arghalasti and Horto that was overgrown for 35 years has been cleared in January 2012